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This book reconceptualizes the ancient philosophy of ‘dualism’ and a ‘trinity’ applied to classical and quantum nonequilibrium phenomena. In addition to classical mechanics and electrodynamics, a remarkable connection of this philosophy with quantum mechanics is established, which can be useful for quantum computing and the development of quantum artificial intelligence. Packed with the recent theoretical models, quantum simulations of black holes, and experimental observations of quantum phase transitions, this book brings a holistic approach that can be useful in refining the concept of the ‘Creation’, i.e., the evo- lution of the Universe from the condensed state of matter, and in explaining the artificial vision.

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Fires of creation- AGNI

Connecting Science and Philosophy

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Join us on a journey though creation, science and philosophy

The ancient Vedic concept of AGNI is difficult to explain, at face value it is called fire however the true meaning as described by the ancients goes far beyond this, encompassing sound, vibration and life, AGNI is intimately linked to self-expression and individuation. It is the source of inspiration and can be related to higher realms of consciousness.

As these concepts are highly abstract and difficult to articulate, much philosophical work has been directed at unravelling the true meaning. However, much remains to be said about the essence of AGNI, the various manifestations, and the importance in linking this Vedic concept to human expression. 

On this website we explore the correspondence between the macro and microscopic worlds around us and how the same concepts relate to AGNI and can be synthesized to shape our emotional and intellectual experience.   We delve into the underlying physical interpretations of reality, taking a deep look at modern theories of physics, including field theories, general relativity, and string theory. These topics are used to describe, in a unique and unified way, the link between modern science and various interpretations of consciousness, from quantum to beyond.

To do this I invite you on an immersive visual journey exploring the facets of AGNI.  This is done through a collection of curated photographs obtained from my various travels around the world. These include artefacts that can be found at the various large museums, landscapes, and architectural anomalies and most importantly my attempts at capturing pure human emotion and experience. This variety of imagery is used in a modesty and humble attempt to illustrate and explain the philosophical aspects of AGNI, the ultimate source of inspiration and self-realization.

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