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Mind -Matter

I am the mind which creates your vision and all activities.

I can extend your vision which develops your concentration.

My mind is quiet like a still water reservoir but you can look at the peaks of the mountain which shows bright light and excitement.

But to reach the red peaks from the blue water you have to cross the green life.

I see you in the multicolored bubbles for some time,

until I grow more bubbles and play.

In the life of bubbles I watch their birth and death.

I am your mind who watches and controls your activities.

Resonant tunneling through a double barrier system is shown which compares to the green field separating the blue water and the red peaks of the mountain.

Superconducting states can be made useful if controlled by the magnetic field with a wining of the field lines or modulation of superconducting phases. This can be achieved through a junction or a bound state associated with spin-orbit coupling or a spin-spin interaction. The tunnel current or the supercurrent can be controlled by the magnetic field.

tunneling ac SL.png
Feynman diagrams.png
tunneling 2.png

We see a wave is traveling through multiple barriers through a process of resonant tunneling which gives the highest speed of travel. The energy of confined fire can be released at a great speed.  Quantum tunneling through a junction together with Feynman diagrams can describe the propagation of Agni.

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