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  Dr. Somnath Bhattacharyya 


Somnath Bhattacharyya is a currently a professor of physics specializing in quantum mechanics, quantum computing and nanotechnology. Through his research activities he has been privileged to have spent much of his life abroad, outside of his native country India. Thanks to his diverse background and extensive traveling, Somnath has been able to develop several fundamental ideas linking contemporary physics to eastern philosophy.  This includes reinterpretations of topics such as the Schrodinger’s cat paradox, light matter interaction and other foundational phenomena that have perplexed scientists for decades. Through his own research Somnath has constructed models linking such scientific theories with ancient concepts whose origins reach back many centuries. Somnath’s studies however are not limited to just science; he has spent much time investigating one of the most abstract and elusive and yet fundamental subjects, the concept of god; as well as answering some of the most paramount, yet enduring questions about reality. Through examining a variety of artefacts displayed at various locations around the world, and numerous different religious and philosophical texts, in addition to several works dealing with metaphysics and mysticism, Somnath is uncovering invaluable information connecting and explaining some of the world’s most influential religions, philosophies and ideas in very profound ways.

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Samya Mutherjee

Samya Mukherjee, son of Mr. Subrata and Shrabani Mukherjee is sending a large number of articles to the Agnivigyan website from his native town Kalyani in the state of West Bengal. As a young arts graduate from St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata, Samya is very passionate in collecting varieties of information regarding spirituality, philosophical ideas and ancient cultures. He has already studied a large number of books about eminent gods, religious figures, and philosophical thoughts. He is delighted to find links between the philosophical thoughts and our every-day activities. From various religious articles, writings and researches on divinity and other theological ideas he is developing his own text and share his views regarding sacred books, philosophical thoughts, and theological facts through his writings. His writings include the areas of Hindu scriptures, prophets and eminent religious figures, renowned holy temples of India, mythological stories about Hindu Gods and Goddesses as well as the related festivals. His extreme interest about philosophical ideas, blessed with the inspiration from his parents and high interest in writing, he is also recording different topics as short speeches which he often shares with all of his friends. In this way Samya would like to contribute to world culture of religion and spirituality. Samya can be contacted


Angela Simon


I am interested in Science, Religion, Birth, child hood development and Photography. I am a mother, wife and grandmother. I am also a qualifies Doula. I want to be a birth photographer. I am a sales director at Vacutec. We design and sell vacuum systems and other scientific and lab equipment. I have been involved in designing and building many vacuum systems. I am a member of the church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints.

I have helped design this website and have also helped select the content and the design elements, I am on the SAVA committee and am keen to get to know others who are interested in the ideas portrayed on this web site.


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Ryan & Michelle

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