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Mother as Energy

I am your mother.

I will teach you mindfulness, interactions, and laws of nature.

I have created the universe from my outburst.

I  nurture my creations from the beginning because I desire that they grow in knowledge.

I teach my children love and affection which they can share with each other.


The mother-child relationship can be explained as the main source of fire, I create fields that can spin around me. The charge or electric fields perform as the main source of the controls of the spins. As the particles of fire, I try to penetrate a barrier and interact with a stationary state. From the bound state I get partially reflected, however, my other part is transmitted through the barrier. This is the way I overcome a barrier like heat while the light is reflected in the origin. 

Superconductivity not disturbed by magnetic impurities can create a topological phase. This is like modulation of phase or winding of fields which can guide the phase through the addition of complexity. The complex phase of the superconducting gap can carry all information over a long distance. Strong spin-orbit coupling is responsible for this nature which separates spin from the charge hence vortices are formed.

Andreev reflection.jpg

The pictures present spin-orbit interaction and Andreev bound states formed at the junction between the superconductors. The total angular momentum is produced from the coupling of orbital and spin angular momentum. A vortex structure is formed in the superconductors due to strong spin-orbit coupling. The superconducting order parameters become p-wave from the splitting of an s-wave state.

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