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Dissolution - Recreation

I have created myself as a dual entity.

I have stability.

I wanted to split myself into many parts from the interactions between two or more.

I do not depend on my initial body as it remains dormant.

I came out from my original bodywork.

My work is to recreate.

I spread myself to every corner of the universe.

 I create space.

I move around the world like wildfire. 

I  kill the darkness. 

Darkness is that which is unconscious.

This is a process of transformation from darkness into light.

The tongue of fire multiplies and spreads out to burn and transform permanently. This is depicted as a female body in the incarnation of Sakti rising from the body of Shiva the god of destruction or dissolution. The same process can be seen in the model of expanding the universe as you see the stars are moving apart at great speeds. 

In this symmetry-breaking process, many parts of the asymmetric structure can be produced together with harmonic oscillations. From the combination of microscopic states, a chain of reactions is created as a precursor to the recreation process. All small vibrations of short wavelength collectively create a macroscopic long-wavelength state. The creation of mass is described as Tamas or a re-creation.

The states are connected through the exchange of vibrations or spins. This can be described as a solitonic wave created by the resonance of all resonating modes that leads to unconventional superconductivity.

vortex antivortex.jpg
Feynman diagrams 1.png
spin orbit coupling diagram.jpg

We see the pairing of particles (like couples dancing), the dancing of waves, and the formation of a many particle system, d-orbitals of superconductors, vortex-antivortex pairs. Breakdown of wavefunctions into particles and Feynman diagram of spin-orbit coupling.

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