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Consciousness - Pre-creation

In the beginning, I remained still.

I did not have any image or reflection -

since there was nothing that was obstructing my vision.

My state was like a boundless and completely filled ocean

under the completely empty and infinitely immense sky.

The ocean and the sky appear as a blue hue, deep and transparent.

They cannot be measured.

Now I wish to create dimension, space, and time.

I look for my reflection in the water and the sky yet I do not see my reflection.

I intensify my search and finally find my image.

I start playing with my other half.

Pre-creation can be thought of as a state of localization. In the beginning, a system either microscopic, macroscopic even universal is in an insulating or localised state. This is called ‘Svatta’ or pure state. This is a dormant state like a sleeping swan. In this state only small vibrations exist like rippling waves across the ocean surface. The state is neutral without any polarising charges. It is the unity of Shiva and Sakti, a non-dualistic state. Although this state represents complete entanglement of its constituent parts there is conflict between these parts. It is like ice crystals floating on water. 

diamond lattice 3.jpg
syk 5.png
syk 4.jpg
graphene crystals.jpg
weak localization diagram.jpg
SYK diagram1.jpg

In the physical world 'Sattva' can be thought of as an extremely ordered state. Imagine the hardest material known to man, diamond. Pure diamond is dead, electrically insulating, and non-magnetic. Breaking the symmetry of the lattice it can be transformed, changing its properties. Recent studies show zero electrical resistance or superconductivity induced in this way. This is the main aspect of Agni which re-creates through destruction and disorder. 

Another example of pure system in two dimensional hexagonal lattice of graphene which has a semi-metallic ground state. By introducing a slight disturbance graphene can appear as a superconductor. 

Agni exists as a hidden variable in materials observed as a maximally entangled state. However, it can evolve through interactions by symmetry breaking process. In the language of field theory the interactions can be described through Feynman diagrams. The incoming energy is distributed into a large number of connected points and we calculate the return probability. The forward and the return path can interfere and create an entangled state as described by the maximally crossed diagram and so-called weak localization process. Thus by breaking the time reversal symmetry, conductivity is regained. This back propagation process is an essential feature of Agni. The self interaction is described through the Feynman bubble diagrams.

This state being maximally entangled cannot support any action, however, it stores all information of creation. Agni retains the memory sequence, the Morphic resonance, over a long period of time.

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