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This society is the brainchild of Prof. Somnath Bhattacharayya. He has a vision and view of the world he wants to share. He also has a great desire to build a Quantum computer and extend the research capabilities that are available.

With the support, collaboration and input from Monalee Bhattacharayya, Angela Simon and Chris Coleman, this website has become a reality after months of discussion. 

The hope is that discussion will continue and develop into a network of people who will contribute and help this project grow and evolve.



To share knowledge and build a strong society.


The aim of this society is:

  1. To provide a forum for sharing of ideas and exploring the scientific world on different levels. 

  2. To form collaborations between like-minded people and find ways to support and encourage each other in the work that we do to build a better world through working together.

  3. Part of our research activities involve developing novel quantum matter systems. We therefore invite you to collaborate on these projects.

  4. To invite enthusiastic individuals without a scientific background to participate in our work.

  5. To facilitate interdisciplinary exchange and foster a culture of scientific popularization.

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