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Geometry and Mass

I am created from the supreme consciousness that is currently dormant.

So I have to show the direction as time goes on.

Although you can see many sources of life and light,

only one is responsible for all activities.

I shall show you the most attractive path which leads to the center

as the cause of all problems which can be seen by overcoming all kinds of distractions.

I shall guide you from the past to the future and define the path which leads to the end of the world.

Taj1c (3).JPG

Agni is described by the tongue of fire coming out from the mouth of the goddess Kali or Sakti which is acting as a dynamic force on the static object, Lord Shiva. 

big bang 3.jpg
big crunch.jpg

The geometry of space weighted to the center is compared to the long path merging with the horizon. Interactions between static and dynamic objects can be described as if all fields and masses are merging towards a big crunch. A scientific model of creation is shown starting from big bang.

It is a holographic world that arises from the bulk-boundary duality. The release of energy or fire is described as an evolution of space starting from a black hole that looks like a funnel. 

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