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Space - Time

I have created all bright objects in the universe and also the darkness.

Bright and dark stay side by side. 

I create completeness in the universe.

I watch my creations which are

like dark and massive objects.

 I am dressed in white.

 The field in green is full of life.

I produce life and time to fill space.

Multi vision 5.JPG

I create symbols that represent me. It can be filled or unfilled (holes) and a combination. Space is filled with black, white, yellow, and other objects. The green field resembles an energy field where some massive objects are spread by me whom I keep controlled through constant watch. I monitor the movement of these objects in the two-dimensional space.

The black empty space is filled up with bright, incandescent objects which are connected to one source, hence entangled. These objects interact with each other and carry the information over a long-distance like the spreading of Agni. 

big bang 2.jpg

Due to the interactions of spin, oscillations are created and the superconducting wavefunction can propagate over a long distance. A non-superconducting material can create resonance through the formation of a bound state. This is shown as a Kondo-like state. The Feynman diagram shows the interactions of spins and oscillations.

Fridel oscillations 1.jpg
Fridel oscillations.jpg

The pictures depict strongly correlated states moving over a long distance. A modulation of order parameter is created from the spin-spin or a spin-orbit interaction. Extension of the universe starting from the creation can be imagined from a similar model of modulation as described by a solitonic wave.

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