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I am everywhere since I created space.

You look for me in the sky as a far distant object by lifting your viewpoint to overcome the distraction of the beauty of your surroundings.

I may look like the flow of life that runs deep in the ground at the bottom level of a vastly decorated yet lifeless body.

I also exist around you and watch you constantly.

I create a holographic world and eventually become a hologram.


Vortices behave like atoms. The atomic model describes orbital angular momentum and an increase of mass by accommodating several orbitals. Winding creates a vortex. Arrays of vortices create holographic universes. An s-wave is split into px and py or d-wave.

Somnath in tunnel.JPG
syk 4.jpg
spin orbit coupling 1.jpg

The pictures depict the creation of maximally entangled states inside a vortex which creates a holographic world. The vortex has a structure of a d-wave superconductor. The anti-de Sitter space can be described as correspondence with the conformal field theory.

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