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I am eternal, beyond birth and death.

I am omnipresent in my dormant state.

In my dormant state I am always in equilibrium.

Part of my body disturbs my equilibrium as I begin to expand.

When my equilibrium is disturbed, I naturally move to re-establish this state of being.

Initially I split my body into two parts. Then I give birth to another part.

I manifest myself into four heads spreading in four directions.

Each of these has three aspects.

In this way my energy divides into twelve bright elements.

My fifth head remains partially manifested.

I watch my creation in the heaven, from above.

It is my aim to grow and transform others.

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Formless Agni can be described in a number of ways, hence a collection of 12 forms is described in the following pages.  These 12 forms are divided into four group each with 3 elements.

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These three elements can be described by scientific principles such as

Vibration, Polarity and Phase.

This can be represented by a triangle.

Vibration creates a link between charge and spin which yields a cycle through the exchange interaction.

It connects two opposite charges or spins through resonance.

A multi-resonance process can be described as creation or re-creation through different scientific observations as well as theoretical models in quantum systems.

This law can be universally applied - from the largest heavenly bodies to the smallest atomic structures. 

It can also be applied to mind-matter interactions.

 At a very low temperature the Bose-Einstein condensate and superconducting order parameters unfold the origin condensed matter states.

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Heat-charge-spin triangle, sun-earth-moon system, and sun-water-cloud.
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