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Creation - Transformation

As a part of initializing the process of ‘creation’, I split my body into two halves including my head and limbs accommodated by my single body.

I have to concentrate my energy to split my dark body

which happens suddenly as a flash of lightning.

These new parts also divide themselves in a chain reaction.

My whole body changes its color from blue to red as I become animated like light shimmering across rippling water.


This state attains stability since I am happily interacting with my image, my consort.

To disseminate information, this pure state must be excited or have its phase reversed. This process is known as broken symmetry. Initially, this state is split into two parts which can be connected by an exchange interaction (attractive or repulsive). In physics, we consider elementary particles which are dual to each other for example the electrons and the holes as the mirror image. The exchange interaction is mediated by heat or spin which holds two charges of opposite polarity as an entangled state. This process creates a superconducting state or a spin-charge separation or a vortex state. Spins start to swirl around the charge or the localized bound state. It is described as a resonant state. This is attributed as dynamics or ‘Rajas’ state.

dirac cone 1.png
gravity 1.jpg
Cooper pair 3.jpg
phonon 3.png

We see lightning in the sky and reflections of sunlight from the ocean, waves, and the duality representation. This transformation process can be seen in a gravitational wave formed by two black holes, a deformed lattice to initiate superconductivity. We can imagine this with the help of the Feynman bubble diagram which represents self-interacting particles like a solitonic wave on the water surface.

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