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I remain at the center as well as on the surface.

I am static but I can support my rotation and change my phase.

Hence I create time as a wheel.

I became bright and dark at the same time.

As your mother, I appear in several phases and will teach you at least six (seven or ten) properties including mercy, love and anger.

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From a distributed mass or energy we collect mass or energy and try to form a structure.  Due to instability, a dualistic view of the mass or energy can be imagined instead of one lump of an object. This action results in curving or wrapping space. The space then started to wrap. After rotating the two in a spiral, space and matter become dense which will increase the pressure. From the collapse or burst, energy and matter are emitted. From the fragmented space each part is responsible for the creation of the universe. The outer surface is always spin half particles whereas the interior remains as an integer spin.

diamond qubit.jpg
Atomic structure.jpg

The atomic structure model is compared to the ancient model of our solar system. I, Agni, can be confined as a superconducting phase in a closed ring structure as shown in superconducting qubits. I can be represented by superconducting structures. Winding of the orbits can be obtained in a superconducting qubit through phase slip operation which also creates vortex lines. The braiding of vortices creates topological features of a material.

Once control over charge-phase energy is achieved the superconducting wavefunction can travel at a long distance through unwinding my knowledge. Bound states are created as a combination of charge and spin. Maximally entangled states can be created from the braiding of vortices. 

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