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Agni: Evolution of the Universe from Quantum Matter to Consciousness

I am restless and I would like to reach into the very far distance.

What is the purpose of life?


It is advancing our knowledge through interactions with the (adverse) environment or nature. This knowledge will help us to survive. The most important reality for yesterday, today, and tomorrow is  ‘survival’.  After survival we look for profits, benefits and raising hopes. Hence we develop our ‘mind’ and an imaginary world. We would like to know how things occur without getting involved in mathematical analogies, although this certainly provides accurate answers.


Instead we search for the origin and look into our ‘past’ experience. Our memory assists us to refine ourselves with experience and we develop techniques to apply our knowledge, understanding and imagination. Ultimately we use science not only to discover things but for protection from all kinds of calamities/disturbances.


We need to establish equilibrium because disturbances are always present. We are afraid of natural disasters, strong forces including lightning and earthquakes which are unpredictable. We have developed scientific laws to predict and resist so that we can progress ourselves. Today the world is always moving through several simultaneous problems but we are not united to solve problems since we do not have a unified model. We think we are superior to others, we think our understanding is the best yet we cannot solve most of the world's real problems.


The disturbances that naturally occur in nature include tsunamis, pathogens and storms which also cause much unhappiness to humans. This is because we do not look for a global picture but just pay attention to our personal problems. Since we tend to isolate ourselves from others and are invested in our own benefit it usually results in our own mental unhappiness.


So our wise ancestors created a more global picture or universe which shows a structure of the universe (holistic view) which may not be so accurate. However, the old philosophy gave a satisfactory picture of the universe since it included the model and various positive and negative aspects and described a state of equilibrium. We hope to learn by investigating, understanding and following these ideas on how to regain the equilibrium and protect ourselves.

This is our mission.


Our vision is to learn from nature through studying ancient philosophy mixed with modern science (a comparative study).  We can do this through self confidence by removing our ego and creating connections with others.


Our initiative will teach science without depending on complex mathematical techniques but rather through revelation or developed devices for survival and protection as evidenced by ancient man.


Let us arise, awaken and execute our duties and overcome the obstacles which threaten survival.

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