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Exchange - Duality

My power is gained from my dualistic nature.

I love nature like a woman transforms a man who she loves.

I share my white dress with a man wearing a black suit.

Together we create a stark contrast.

I shed light from the sky to the dark water.

Then I change the color of the sky and the water.

This dualistic state can be manifested as a superconducting resistance-free state ideally not interfered with electric charge and spins. All these actions and reactions can be done in a controlled manner based on the dual nature of the energy manifested in heat and light or wave-particle. Both well ordered superconducting and disordered superinsulating states co-exist. A superinsulating state produced from spin-spin or spin-orbit interactions initiates an unconventional (d-wave) superconducting state.

universe model.jpg
double vortex.png
spin orbit coupling 2.jpg
weak localization diagram 1.jpg

The pictures depict a consort or a combined effect through a strong attractive force between two entities of opposite nature as well as a folded space connected through a tunnel or interactions between two vortices. This is a weak localization process described as two orbitals of opposite process or a maximally crossed diagram in addition to the spin-orbit interactions.

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