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I am the only source of energy in your mind.

I produce knowledge with you.

You execute this knowledge through your actions.

I release my energy to parts of my body in an infinite number of parts.

I am a black body who radiates white light rays in all directions,

extending to every corner of the universe.

I am enlightened by the light particles which work like my noble soldiers.

sun red.JPG

Heat is created by duality with a maximum difference. Heat at the start increases. Heat is the ultimate potential or kinetic energy. This strong attractive force can bend light. Heat is a product of strong attraction e.g. friction or rubbing. Heat is an electromagnetic wave (interaction between ε/H fields). Light is created by the heat in one direction. Light is a form of heat used in linear or flat space. God (invisible/singularity): Heat/wave/vibration, can propagate in any direction hence many heads, eyes, and legs.

Formation of mass (fermions) from heat: Formation of space attracts other fields which increases density and that again increases fluctuations. This process increases the speed of particles which increases the temperature that again increases the curvature of space. An increase of curvature of space finally collapses. Space holds all waves/energy in space. Finally, it collapses giving light (fire).

blackbody radiation.png

The pictures depict blackbody radiation which compared to the different energy levels obtained from the spin orbit coupling.

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