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Motherhood reflects the glory of God. Motherhood is particularly the feminine shape of holiness, that women of faith strive for. Again, childbearing by women symbolizes their creational role, because motherhood is the clearest example for women that God is able to save them even as they endure the feminine part of sin or curse. It is not that women attain salvation through child-bearing, rather they perform their creational role as mother Goddess on the earth with reality. Mothers are everywhere, if only we have the eyes to see them. Motherhood is woven into the very fabric of creation and all creations of God tell about the glory.

Does God have to teach us about his glory through ‘motherhood’? – Mothers give all of us a new life as like God. God made men and women in his own image. Women were gifted a peculiar way by God so that the image of God can be showcased by women under mother-nature. Women like God have the gift of generational love. A woman has the ability to love a man in such a way that she can turn it into a human-being. Indeed, women are the type of people whom other people come out of.

Mothers have a kind of incarnational power. They incarnate marital love in a human-being. In other words, women manifest the glorious love of God through creation (birth). As like the entire Universe was created by God, women have the power to give birth to a new life – thus we can definitely say that God and women, both are the creator. The unique gift of generation that was given to women is precisely what was damaged at the fall. Now there is a dangerous pain and bearing and giving birth to a child – this pain is even similar to the pain of breaking all the bones of human-body (according to medical science). Even the woman who is so much frightened of the syringe of an injection, she also overcome the pain of giving birth to a child to see the face of a newborn (her best creation of life). The pain of child-birth even tarnishes the gift of motherhood but this turnishing makes the way for a new possibility


(redemption). Thus women possess the power to generate human-life, embracing a severe pain or curse. Mothers embrace the pain of their fallen nature, the embrace death and from that death a new life is born. In every birth, a mother gives of herself for the sake of her child. Thus, motherhood not only reflects the generating love of God in creation, but also regenerating the love on a pure symbol.

Motherhood also reflects the glories of holy submission. In the very anatomy of sex, women are called to a kind of submission in order to be a mother. The man is the farmer who scatters his seed, while his wife is the fertile ground that embraces accepts and grows the seed. So, we can easily come to the conclusion that mothers are called to welcome and receive godly initiative from their husbands – called ‘submission’. Mothers are called to showcase to all people, including men, how they should act towards God. Human beings submit to God’s loving kingship and eternal life is planted in our hearts because Eve did not submit to god in the garden and all the world fell into chaos. Mary did not submit to God and the whole world was saved through the seed planted in her. Thus, all mothers tell the gospel-story.

Motherhood also reflects the nurturing nature of God. When a woman bears a child, she nurses him and cares of him as his source of life is outside the womb. When a person is born from above, God does not leave that life to themselves but also cares for them and nurtures them as a mother. Thus we can say that temple is the centre of all mothers of this world. Mother nurses a child with the milk of God’s words. Also a mother provides food, makes clothes and deals with finances. A whole family would fall apart without the mother. Without mothers we all would be naked, afraid and hungry. So, mothers are a visual picture of God’s tangible care for us.

Mothers take the abstract feelings of love and incarnate that love by giving birth to a child. Yet, women struggling through the pain of infertility, still incarnate that same love through a good meal, a hospitable home, a hard day’s labor as well as through doctor’s required treatment by medicines and injections. These labours are all more special because they are all birthed out of suffering. Mother’s love is special kind of love that every human-being needs. Mother’s love is a specific kind of love that every human-being needs – we don’t outgrow the need for it although we sadly forget how much do we need it.


“All love begins and ends in motherhood.”

“Children are the anchors that hold a mother to life.”

“The mother’s heart is the schoolroom of a child.”

“A mother’s happiness is like beacon, lightning up the future but reflected also on the past in the guise of fond memories.”


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