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Christmas by Angela Simon

Human kind since prehistoric times have always had festivals and

celebrations. Our early ancestors were connected to the land and the

seasons in a way we are not because of our urban lifestyles.

In the cold northern hemisphere countries late December was mid-winter.

In the dark months of winter in the cold countries much preparation was

made to be able to survive the cold months. Food had to be stored. The

Dark days where usually spent indoors since it was to cold outside. There

was no farming done and people rested. In the middle of winter, they

celebrated the half way mark to spring and this is where the Christmas

traditions started.

The fact that Christmas is celebrated all over the world in many different

countries is an indication of the influences these early northern people had

on the world. The celebrations meanings and symbols have changed and

evolved as different peoples and ideas came together but the source is still

the same- Mid winter celebration in the northern hemisphere.

Much has been written about the source of various traditions like Santa

Claus, mistletoe, and Christmas trees. Many of these symbols have been

loved and hated by people though the ages. In England Christmas was

banned for a while by the puritans as a pagan holiday. The Americans

condemned Christmas as an English holiday for a time but after all of this

Christmas has survived and spread all over the world and is celebrated


The reason for this I believe is because people love to celebrate. We love

to plan and prepare and look forward to events. We want to make

connections with others. Human beings are also connected to the rhythms

of the earth and the seasons are important to us today, even though we are

not as connected as our early ancestors.

Christianity as we know it today is relatively new in the history of the world

yet has ancient roots. Jesus was a Jew. His religion was a form of Judaism

but the truths he preached are universal truths. The question is was Jesus

teaching a new religion or restoring a knowledge of something human kind

has always known. Human consciousness needs to worship. Deities have

been worshiped since mankind inhabited the earth. The early cave men

had statues of a female goddess who the scientist tell us these early

people worshiped. It has been surmised that cave painting was a form of


Jesus summarized His teachings into two commandments. Love the lord

your God with all your might, mind and strength and your neighbor as


In Matthew 22:37-39, we read, “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with

all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first

and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy

neighbor as thyself.”

Religion has evolved with man and the civilizations we have created. There

are fundamental truths that are believed in many religions and cultures.

The first of these is that God created the world and mankind. As our creator

he is to be worshiped because he gave us life. Many religions disagree

about who, what or how this was done, but most agree that there is a

supreme being that created us. We are his children.

The second is that mankind is separated from God and wants to return to

God’s presence this leads us to Jesus Christ and the reason for his birth.

Mankind is not worthy to be with God because mankind is not clean.

Mankind needs to be cleansed to be reunited with the God that created us.

Mankind wants to be like his creator.

Human beings are creative and imaginative. We have a need to make and

build things. We have an innate desire to believe in powers beyond

ourselves. We have a need to worship and have rituals. All people have

rituals and beliefs. This sets us apart from the animal kingdom. They do not

worship as we do. Christmas like the other holidays we celebrate helps us

fill these needs.

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