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Princes Diana and Guru Purnima by Angela Simon

I have recently read some interesting articles and I will put the links bellow. The first is titled "the return of Diana". I found this article after watching wonder woman and wanting to know more about the goddess Diana. It was exactly what I was looking for. The author links the present and the past though research into the believes of ancient peoples and linking them to modern people and events.

Why is this important to me? I think it is because princess Diana was such a unique historical figure. She and her sons have been in the news this month with the unveiling of a statue in honor of her in a park. She would have been 60 this year. I have been fascinated with her and her life since I was a child watching her wedding on TV with millions all over the world. I am not sure why she captured my attention so much, perhaps it’s the princess archetype that is is present in so many of the fairy tales I grew up with. As a child I loved fairy tales. I pretended to be the princesses and I made up my own stories with my dolls playing the part of princesses. This was even better when they had beautiful dresses and beautiful hair. They would dance the night away with a handsome prince My handsome prince was Spock from Star trek because we had a Mr. Spock doll.

This morning I read the following article about the orange moon. It is related to Guru Purnima which was yesterday and relates to honoring a Guru ( teacher or mentor). You can read about this in the article bellow. It is a good time to reflect on those who have taught us and been our mentors. Those who have help us be who we are. If you are reading this article, please put in the comments someone that has influenced you and taught you.

"Tonight’s Orange-Tinted Full Moon, Known as the Buck Moon, Comes With a Warning - autoevolution"

This brings me back to Princes Diana. She was a great teacher to the world. She was an example of dressing beautifully. She challenged the establishment. She showed love and mercy. She was idealized by the masses who loved her. She was an ideal that many women strived to be like. Perhaps this modern-day goddess should be honored on this special day that falls into her birth month of the year she would have been 60.

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