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Updated: Mar 18, 2022

The truth behind the scientific research, by Danish scientist Neils Bohr demonstrates that molecules are made up of atoms, consisting of Proton, Neutron, and Electron – all of which play a vital part in the composition of ‘Shiva Lingam’. Shiva Lingam represents the atomic structure. According to the rishis; Shiva and Vishnu are present in the Lingam. In Sanskrit, the three lines signify ‘multiple’. In the atomic structure, there are Protons and Neutrons, which are surrounded by the first spinning Electrons.

Lord Shiva is known as Mahadeva due to the instinct characteristics which He represents. The form in which Lord Shiva is represented is called a ‘Linga’. Infact, Lord Shiva is the fundamental god. He is known as ‘Prajapati Shiva’. There is no origin or form which can be associated with Lord Shiva. Human being need symbol to worship, so the linga was created – ‘Linga’ means symbol. A linga is only a symbol to identify something. Thus, the symbol, that we call Shiva Linga has scientific explanations behind it. The beginning of life is called ‘Hiranyagarbha’. This is the thread or formula of life which is complete in itself and reproduces itself without any organ. It multiplies itself from 1 to 2 then from 2 to 4 and so on. It is the basic culture of any form of life. It can be compared to DNA which contains the genetic code. It is indestructible, reproduces itself and contains the specifications of any generation. So, how did our ancestors explain DNA? – The structure of DNA as we know was first described by the scientists in 1953. Nobody had imagined this type of structure. It is also difficult to explain the structure of DNA to any common man. Now, we can see the 3D structures with the moments on TV. Before that, it was imagined as a set of two spiral interwined staircases. Rishis of ancient times, saw these structures through their meditation and explained it in the same way as explained upon DNA by the modern science. It was concluded that DNA was helical, produced itself and according to our scriptures, it was first originated from Lord Shiva. The rishis imagined that ‘Prajapati’ must have created a mound first. You have to make a mound before creating anything – for example, a clay mound for a statue and a


store mound for a sculpture. Our rishis had imagined this round mound, where

the Shiva Linga was wrapped with a snake, which might model DNA. To describe

the more complex DNA, a pair of snakes wrapped around each other can be

visualized to represent a double helix, as explained by the rishis of ancient times.

The rishis also said that it was the base structure and the entire nature began

with it – this was determined by our rishis to be fundamental and elemental

point with which any life-form could being.

In Hinduism, Lord Shiva is considered as the Supreme Truth. There is another

scientific truth that water poured down on the Lingam is not considered as holy

water or ‘Teertham’ as it is called. Shiva lingam is considered to be an atomic

model. There is radiation from lingam as it is made out of a type of a granite

stone. During old times, people used to believe that milk turns into venom on

the onset of monsoon. So, they offer that milk to Shiva Linga. Infact, they

themselves used to condemn the consumption of milk completely, so that they

can protect themselves from diseases.

Modern science corroborates the findings of our scriptures that DNA is like

thread and is so small that it cannot be seen with the naked eyes – it reproduces

itself by multiplying and cannot be destroyed. An object can be destroyed but

its DNA will exist in one form or another. The properties suggested for DNA by

modern science had also been suggested in our scripture. So the Shiva Linga is

not just a mere symbol. Rishis wanted to give a message to the masses that you

can see the smallest form of nature in the form of a Shiva Linga. The Shiva Linga

also represents the atomic structure. According to the Rishis, Shiva and Vishnu

are present in the Lingam. In the atomic structure, there are protons and

neutrons, which are surrounded by fast spinning electrons. ‘Sakti’ is represented

by a disc in oval shape with three ridges carved at its periphery. When the Shiva

Linga was created, it was imagined that there was one ‘Hari’ and one ‘Har’ in the

linga. ‘Har’ is Lord Shiva and ‘Hari’ is Lord Vishnu – thus, Shiva and Vishnu are

present in the Linga. Jalahari has three lines because ‘three’ signifies multiple in

Sanskrit. In our atomic structure, there are protons and neutrons which are

surrounded by the fast spinning electrons. Rishis imagined that this linga has

‘Har’ (neutron) and ‘Hari’ (proton) inside and ‘Brahma’ (electron) spins around

them in the form of Jalahari. ‘Brahma’ is tied with ‘Hari’ by a thread through his


navel and cannot go too far. He is attached with Hari, after creating nature and

looks after nature. ‘Har’ (Shiva) is unattached and in meditation in the

Himalayas. Lord Shiva becomes the destroyer when necessary. Everything in this

universe is created by protons and electrons. Electrons play the major role. A

change in the number of electrons changes the dimensions and properties.

Brahma is similar in nature. Har (Shiva) is neutral and is sitting in the nucleus

with all the energy. Energy is released by breaking the nucleus, also known by

our modern science as atomic fission. According to our rishis, Lord Shiva has the

energy within himself as long as Shiva is in meditation. Once we make Shiva

angry, which can be compared to break the nucleus - the energy is released in

the form of Devi Durga. This energy is indeed the atomic energy as explained in

the modern science. The force of Shiva, which we call Rudrani is always with

him. It is described in Mahabharata by Maharshi Vashistha, that he saw this

Rudrani. He saw a huge black shadow dancing in the sky around Lord Shiva, who

blinded His eyes. It was so powerful and huge that He could not see the

beginning or end and even after running with His mind till the end of time. There

is a colossal energy, constantly dancing around Lord Shiva. This dance can be

compared with electrons, spinning and revolving around the nucleus. If a

neutron is separated from its nucleus, a destructive force is released, just like if

this surrounding energy is separated from Lord Shiva. If Lord Shiva desires, He

can release this energy.

Nuclear reactors resemble Shiva Linga in the shape like a mound and all the

radioactive particles are constantly kept under water. The hard water and the

soft water are formed there. This water becomes radioactive. Water is

constantly sprinkled on the Shiva Linga to control the temper of Lord Shiva,

reflecting a nuclear reactor. In terms of modern science, it is supposed to

represent the nuclear reactor. This water from the Shiva Linga is not used as

prasad or even as the holy water. This could be compared to the water, used for

cooling the nuclear reactors, which is also not used for any other purposes. This

water from Shiva Linga flows freely from the jalahari, in a stream from the corner

of a linga. One cannot go around the Shiva Linga, as it is beyond the human being

to really go around or comprehend this tremendous power. This also shows the

humans their limitations, within which we need to live. Looking at the pictures

of nebulae or galaxies, we can see the mound which is called the Shiva Linga and

the Jalahari around it. In reality, these are the pictures, taken from space, where


a clear view of Shiva Linga is described in the scriptures. Lord Shiva is referred

as ‘Bhole’, meaning simple and can be pleased by little worship. Once Lord Shiva

is happy, He can give blessings without thinking of the worshipper’s worthiness.

Still one must follow the right path for if anyone is on a wrong path even by

mistake. Lord Shiva can be pleased very easily and at the same time Lord Shiva

is enormously powerful. One should worship Lord Shiva only after

understanding His great power. One who has power, can pass it on to others

and anyone can receive it. It is critical to understand the colossal power of Lord


Lord Shiva cannot create the world without shakti. Without shakti, Lord Shiva

starves. Later in Tantras, we are told that matter came first as the goddess; and

from her name the mind, taking three male forms – ‘Brahma’ (the priest),

‘Vishnu’ (the king), ‘Maheshwara’ (the ascetic). Brahma sought the control of

the Goddess and was beheaded. As explained by Sri Sen Prabhu, Hinduism has

several gods revered in couple. Shiva and Shakti are the most revered of them

because with just these two words the yogis have defined every single thing

around us. The story of Shiva and Shakti is the theory of ‘Big Bang’, being

personified. Before the universe was created, it was believed that there was just

darkness. That darkness pervaded everywhere. It was the raw energy, an energy

with its own consciousness – hence it is called the ‘cosmic intelligence’. The

culture named it as ‘Shakti’. Though the Shakti was all pervading, but it was

uncontrolled. Thus, nothing formed out of it and the energy remained raw

throughout. Within that play of Shakti, a point came when there was a supersaturation

of the energy, leading to massive explosion – which is identified as

‘Big Bang’ in modern science. The yogis explained at the very moment of the

massive bang the ‘Shakti’ (the single conscious energy) manifested into two. One

part is the consciousness and the other is the matter. Even the matter (the nonliving

elements) all came out from the same energy. In this way, uncontrolled